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Alloy Steel C45E 1.1191

Alloy Steel C45E 1.1191
Issue Time:2016-06-01

Do you know all kinds of alloy steel? What's the difference between them? Let us show you!

Alloy Steel C45E 1.1191

Quenching and Tempering Steel
1. The type of carbon steel , low content of alloying elements
2. High strength
3. For high temperature bolts, nuts and other material

Rolling steel
1. High-carbon steel, high alloy content
2. With a high and uniform hardness and wear resistance
3. For Rolling

Alloy tool steel / gauge steel
1. High-carbon steel, low content of alloying elements
2. Having a high hardness and wear resistance , good machinability , good stability
3. For measuring material

Special properties of steel
1. Low carbon high alloy steel
2. Good corrosion resistance
3. For corrosion resistance , some for heat resistant materials.

Heat-resistant steel
1. Low carbon high alloy steel
2. Good heat resistance
3. Heat-resistant materials, some for corrosion resistant materials.

Cryogenic steel
1. Low-carbon steel, alloying elements of high and low according to the degree of resistance to low temperature.
2. Good resistance to low temperature
3. For low temperature materials (special steel is nickel steel)

Alloy steel, steel in addition to iron, carbon, but added other elements, called alloy steel. 

Adding an appropriate amount of one or more alloying elements on the basis of ordinary carbon steel consisting of iron -carbon alloy.

Depending on the added elements and take appropriate processing technology , a high strength , high toughness , wear resistance, corrosion resistance, low temperature , high temperature , non-magnetic and other special properties.

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